Fitness 54

Want a professional to get you started on the new you? Or maybe you need someone to help tweak your current workout for better results.

Fitness 54 offers, at a slight additional cost, personal trainers to help you on your fitness quest. We provide our members with certified, professional coaches. They eat, breathe, and live fitness in their everyday lives.

Personal Trainers teach you the proper way to achieve your goals. They also make you more motivated, more accountable, and more committed than working out alone.

Our Personal Trainers have the knowledge and ability to help you reach your personal goals faster. Whether it is losing a few pounds and looking better in your clothes, or working to be your physically-fit best in a particular sport, these folks can help you do it.

Our talented staff of trainers offers both 30- and 60-minute one-on-one training. They will customize a workout for you, and assist you with a personally selected healthful way of eating.

If you are looking for a workout buddy, two-person partner training, and Small Group (4 - 6 people) training are also available.

For those individuals who are looking for aqua workouts outside of a Group class, we also offer 45-minute one-on-one training in our Jr. Olympic pool.

For additional information, contact Kim at or call 770-487-5454.